From Ulcerative Colitis to Freedom

Franklin came to us after suffering with Ulcerative Colitis for 10 years.

He had maintained a pretty healthy diet and his doctors put him on Prednisone every time he had a terrible flare up.  Then, in January 2020 he started having blood in his stool again.

In February, his doctors put him back on Prednisone like they had for the past ten years. Except this time, it didn't work.

Franklin was stuck going 10X a day with blood and mucus in his stool. His wife was worried. His kids were worried. And he was worried.

With no answers from the medical community or his doctors, Fredrick was fed up and ready to try something new.

After 1 week of working with us, the blood and mucus stopped and within a few weeks, he was having regular bowel movements every day.

Here's a email we received from Franklin in his final week working with us:


* Due to the sensitivity of the topic, this client asked us to use a pseudonym (“Franklin”) to keep his real name anonymous to protect his privacy.

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